"It hath been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and
welfare of this protestant kingdom
 to be governed by a popish prince".

Bill of Rights 1689

What Now ?

What now the Pope has gone? Should you still join with us? What should we be doing?



Papal Protest Videos and Photos

Some videos and photos of the various Papal Protest and Gospel witness events.



Papal Protests and Gospel Witnesses for the Popes UK Visit


The Papal Visit - A Test

This is a momentous time in our history with the first official Papal visit to these shores. Sadly, few (including many professing Christians) seem able to grasp the significance of the Pope’s visit or the profound implications and ramifications of his invitation and welcome. We believe this visit by the Pope can be seen as both a judgement of God, but also as a mercy and an opportunity the Lord has provided for us to witness and to:

  • remind the Nation of our Protestant Biblical Constitution, heritage and culture and the many blessings we have undeservedly received because of it,

  • make a stand against the blasphemous spiritual and preposterous temporal claims and teachings of the Pope and his counterfeit ‘church’.

  • witness to those poor souls deceived by that masterpiece of deception - the Roman Catholic system.  

What We Plan

100,000 are expected at the Glasgow mass. 90,000 at the Hyde Park Prayer vigil, along with 65,000 in Birmingham for the beatification of Newman (mostly paying for the ‘privilege’!). These figures highlight the desperate need for a concerted united effort by all Protestants.

So, a number of individuals and Protestant organisations, plan in the will of the Lord, to have a Biblical Gospel witness and/or a placard protest at most of the major events in the Papal itinerary.

If you are intending to participate please be mindful of the following:

  • Make allowances - The situation is fluid and subject to change so please be sure you register for the Papal Protest Supporters List to be kept informed.

  • Do not attend any of these events (except the London Protest on 17th) without having the details confirmed beforehand either via the Papal Protest Supporters list or by making contact with the organisers yourself.  

  • Respect organisers wishes - They have taken the time and effort to organise the event and most are locally based and so they also have to live and witness in that area all the time - not just for the Papal visit. So please respect their wishes.

  • Maintain a UNITED and worthy witness - Many may have different opinions and ideas as to how these events should be conducted, but the truth is we can’t all do what we wish to and still have an effective and God-honouring witness. It has to be organised and co-ordinated by someone. So please make sure you come on the understanding that this is an unprecedented opportunity for true Protestants to put on a UNITED front.  

Sadly all that most people see of Christianity today is grand buildings, pomp and ritual, fine robes or the ‘madness’ seen on television and in many ‘contemporary’ Churches. Likewise most marches seem to end in violence - even so called ‘peace’ marches.

So what a pleasure it would be to have thousands of Protestants turn up, well dressed, well spoken, courteous and full of the joy of the Lord to show the face of true Biblical Christianity. Bold and forthright in our views, but also peaceful and gracious in our conduct. 

Please help us make it so by doing all you can whether you can attend or not.

We believe we can get thousands out to the glory of God if we all do something!



Christian Watch manages and maintains this website and associated lists in an endeavour to centralise all the details of the Papal Protests and Gospel witnesses during the Popes visit to the UK.

We are not responsible for keeping you informed of any any changes or alterations to these events. It is your personal responsibility to check all the details with the organisers. These events and the organisers do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of Christian Watch but are there for your information only and not as an endorsement.